kate teaching 1I joined London Lapidus, part of the national organisation that promotes writing for wellbeing (www.lapidus.org.uk), for its New Year meeting on 24 January, at the Poetry Café in Soho.

First, Kate McBarron (left) talked us through the untapped potential of social media for writing for wellbeing practitioners. Kate has loads of experience in marketing and PR, so her lowdown was mind-expanding – though it’s entirely possible my brain shrank as I listened, like a cashmere scarf chucked in the boil wash.

Just when my mental inbox overfloweth, along came Narayani Guibarra (below, left), who’s a writer, yoga teacher, sound healer, laughter facilitator and all-round holistic polymath, to help us focus on our breathing and have a good old release-valve chuckle before we settled down to write a poem.

yoga stuff 2

I now know how to tighten and relax my diaphragm while waxing lyrical and networking ferociously on the interweb.


So that’s the theory bit sorted, now for the science of appliance. The proof, as they say, is in the tweeting etc.

See you out there on the superhighway in 2015 (though I may be equipped with stabilisers).