While many sisters have a love-hate relationship, Katie and Flick’s is strictly hate-hate.

Katie’s lost count of the times her younger, sassier, bitchier sister stole her thunder and even, on occasion, her boyfriends.

Now Flick grabs the limelight once more, announcing her whirlwind engagement to Dan just as Katie’s poised to reveal she’s tying the knot with long-term love Jack.

Convinced that hapless Dan is a lamb to the slaughter, Katie sets out to save him from her sister’s clutches. But on her mission of mercy, Katie has a drink too many and goes a step too far – one moment of madness putting her own happiness at risk.

With so much at stake, can Katie trust a guilt-ridden Dan to keep quiet about the night they shared – can she even trust herself?

Published by Corazon Books on 14th March 2016 – order now at www.amazon.co.uk